Outdoor Photography by E’s Fotography

Blue Ridge and Smokies  2017



Virginia 2017

First Snow of 2017



Cochran Farms

Old Salem, NC

Topsail Island,NC

Fall is a beautiful time of year, the air is crisp and the leaves are so colorful!

fallcolor2 fallcolor3 fallcolor4wmfallcolor20151wm

Such beautiful animals.  This was an awesome trip!

201509lazy5animalswm.jpeg 201509lazy5animals2wm.jpeg 201509lazy5animals3wm.jpeg 201509lazy5bird2wm.jpeg 201509lazy5bird.jpeg 201509lazy5birds4wm.jpeg

These beautiful creatures are simply amazing.  As I continue to snap photographs the words endless beauty is amazing, but I shouldn’t be surprised. I am glad I am learning to how to better take pictures,

201509lazy5wm IMG_5477 -1201509lazy5wm  IMG_5491 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5492 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5493 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5495 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5497 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5498 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5498 -2201509lazy5wm IMG_5500 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5504 -1201509lazy5bwwm IMG_5504 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5506 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5507 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5508 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5513 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5517 -1201509lazy5.jpgwm IMG_5518 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5519 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5525 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5526 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5527 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5544 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5545 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5549 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5552 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5553 -1201509lazy5 IMG_5558 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5560 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5561 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5563 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5564 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5570 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5595 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5596 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5605 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5611 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5615 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5632 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5633 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5635 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5637 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5639 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5641 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5647 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5650 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5654 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5658 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5661 -1201509lazy5wm IMG_5672 -1201509lazy5wm

There is always something beautiful to take pictures of in God’s awesome world.


More beautiful nature shots from the lake last week.  Any day with my camera, is a good day!!

2015lake1wm 2015lake2wm 201508tukertownlillieswm IMG_4884tuckertownbridge2wm IMG_49012015snowcranewm IMG_49812015bowwm IMG_4854201508wm IMG_4856201508wm IMG_4886201508tuckertownbridge1wm IMG_4917201508wm IMG_4921201508shackwm IMG_4979201508wm IMG_5018201508wm

Alot of photography practice this week.  I have been to the lake twice and captured these beautiful shot, while enjoying the peacefulness. No better way to relax after a long workday!!

201508tuckertown1wm 201508tuckertown2wm 201508tuckertown3wm 201508tuckertown4wm 201508tuckertown5wm 201508tuckertown6wm 201508tuckertown7wm 201508tuckertown8wm 201508tuckertown10wm 201508tuckertown11wm 201508tuckertown12wm 201508tuckertown13wm 201508highrock1wm

A few outdoor close-up shots.

IMG_4554 -1wm IMG_4553 -1wm IMG_4546 -1wm IMG_4543 -1wm IMG_4541 -1wm IMG_4538 -1wmMacro Photography

IMG_4502 -1wmIMG_4517 -1wm



wpid-img_4311-1editwm.jpg.jpegIMG_4342 -1wm


Beautiful ducks taken at Camp Spencer.

IMG_4454 -1wmIMG_4437 -1WMIMG_4392 -1wmIMG_4383 -1wm


IMG_4466 -1wm

Fireworks Display 7/4/2015




IMG_4034editwm IMG_4054wm



A few outdoor close-up shots.







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